CONFERENCE: 17th Century Journalism in the Digital Age

Saturday 22 November, 10 am – 5.30 pm

University of Sheffield, Jessop West Exhibition Space

It is well known that the advent of Early English Books Online represented a revolutionary moment in early modern studies. EEBO vastly increased access to valuable primary research materials and, in conjunction with the Text Creation Partnership, has enabled scholars from a wide variety of disciplines to conduct enquiries into rare, frequently far-flung printed materials. It is scarcely imaginable, now, that the ability to check a reference at the click of a mouse, or to conduct nuanced keyword or image searches of the c.150,000 items listed in the Pollard and Redgrave or Wing Short-Title catalogues and the British Library’s Thomason Tracts collection were impossible just fifteen years ago.

For all of these momentous developments, the serials, news pamphlets and periodicals reproduced by EEBO have yet to benefit from the full search functionality of the main EEBO interface. Scholars interested in early modern newsprint are thus frequently limited in the kinds of research they can conduct on these vital materials, whether in a library or at their desktop.

This one-day conference brings together scholars from the Digital Humanities, English Literature, History and Linguistics to reflect upon their research into early printed news (their results, their methods and search practices) and interrogate the ways in which current digital search interfaces might be thought to shape, enhance or constrain research in this area.

This conference is part of Sheffield’s ‘Participating in Search Design’ AHRC project (

Speakers include: Alex Barber,  Lloyd Bowen, Mike Braddick, Rachel Foxley, Andrew Hardie, Angela McShane, Noah Millstone, Marcus Nevitt, Jason Peacey, Joad Raymond and Kirsty Rolfe.

Places at this conference can be reserved online at:

Full delegate £7.50; concessions £5.

For further information contact Marcus Nevitt (


To view this in PDF format please see:


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