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Project Restart!

Participating in Search Design is back in business. We’re really looking forward to getting started with the Design Group phase after a successful pilot session at the National Library of Wales looking at the development of the library’s World War I digital resource –



Project on hold until November

Our Project Officer is now on maternity leave. The project will be on hold in the meantime, restarting in early November when we will be organising user design workshops to create the test newsbooks resource.

Survey now closed: 500+ responses received!

The Research Practice Survey is now closed. Many thanks to all who responded as we managed to achieve just over 500 responses in total, which is great. We’re now in the process of analysing the results and the final report will be posted here in the near future. Our next task is establishing focus groups to dig deeper into research practices.

Survey respondants needed!

We’re still in need of PhD students and academics in the research areas of History, English Language, English Literature, Politics and Journalism to respond to our 10 minute Academic Research Practice survey. Your responses are very important to the project. Please follow the link below:

Academic Research Practice Survey launched

We are seeking participants ranging from PhD students to Professors in the research areas of History, English Language, English Literature, Politics and Journalism to answer a short survey about current research practice, including overall understanding of search and the advantages and drawbacks of web-based vs. more traditional text-based methods.

If this applies to you please follow the link to the survey below. It will only take 10-15 minutes of your time and your opinions will be of great value to our work and the wider impact of the project.

Results will be fed back to survey respondents and there will also be the opportunity for further participation in the project. The survey is completely anonymous and complies with the University of Sheffield’s Ethics Policy.

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Project kick off!

The project has only been running for a month and we’ve already made great progress.

A literature review of the distinct research areas relating to the project has provided us with some very interesting insights and ideas for how to proceed. We’re now looking into research cultures and methodologies and also participatory design resources.

Our landscape survey has been piloted and will be ready to go next week. If you’re a PhD student or academic working in the fields of History, English Language, English Literature, Politics or Journalism we want to find out about how you conduct research. Please watch out for the link to the survey and spread the word.